PNR Status

PNR Status of Indian railways. Check the pnr status of Indian Railways by entering the passenger name record.

PNR Status: PNR full form is passenger name record. It is a unique number used by the flight system when generating tickets. Later the PNR became a standard and many travel departments including the Indian Railways has started using the PNR number as standard. The Indian Railways Generates a 10 digit number for each train ticket booked. This PNR number is used to check PNR Status of the ticket.

To generate a PNR number when booking a ticket with Indian Railways, the following details are required:

Some of the interesting facts about Indian railways and IRCTC are:

pnr status

How to check PNR Status

After booking a train ticket in Indian railways, there is no guarantee that we will get a berth. Sometimes our ticket will be in waiting list. In some cases, even if we get a confirmed ticket, there is a chance that our coach number and berth number might change. Though it is a rare case. So, we have to check pnr status to know whether our ticket is confirmed or not and what is our final coach number and berth number.

Checking pnr status is quite easy. All you have to do is open the indian railways website in your browser and visit the pnr status page. Later enter the pnr number in a text box on that page. You can find the pnr number on the printed ticket. After that fill out the captcha on that page and then click on get pnr status. The pnr status shows the following details:

The above details are provided for each passenger. To conclude, PNR Status of Indian Railways can be checked easily. Visit the Indian railways website and check pnr status of the ticket.